How to Get Relic Fragments in Apex Legends 

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En Apex Legends, we can achieve many legends of different types, peculiarities and abilities that have innovated Battle Royale games. In addition to this, we can find different exclusive benefits such as weapon skins and certain accessories that are going to be divided according to their strangeness, something very similar to what is used in the Clash Royale, because we can divide the skins and accessories of according to its common strangeness, strange, epic, and legendary.

Despite having this classification, the Respawn Entertainment company added a top category called relic, which is the most exclusive of each and every one. In the article, we are going to explain to you how you can get Relic Fragments in Apex Legends to be able to reach this exclusive point of the game. 

How to Get Relic Fragments in Apex Legends 

How to Get Relic Fragments in Apex Legends 

Relic fragments are considered the most complex objects to locate in Apex Legends, these can be found in different ways. You have to keep in mind that having them will give a very, very different and unique look to your legendary story, they stand out a lot and are the center of attention compared to the other strangeness. Although there are few ways to earn them, there are methods that are truly efficient to be able to count on them. 

The biggest relics in the game are the CaC weapon skins, the introductory prayers at the start of a match, and the flag poses, which are an exclusive emote that your character performs when you're the last survivor on the battlefield. There are approximately one relics in the game and it is really difficult for them to appear, few users have them. 

We can acquire the fragments to fill a relic through the different APEX Packages that we earn during our adventure in the game. You have a five percent to one chance of achieving them, a practically nil chance, but it is the only procedure that has worked for certain players.

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