How to Expel the Leader in Clash Royale

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Clash Royale It is a game that you will be able to enjoy next to your friends and people from all over the planet, where it will be very important have a clan , due to the fact that this will help us in our progress in the game allowing us to receive other rewards, such as participating in different events that are exclusive to the clans. 

Many users from all over the planet want to know how to expel the leader in Clash Royale and the truth is this going to be possible! You will know this and more in the article that we have prepared for you today from this website! Since, we are going to give you each and every one of the recommendations and advice so that you can achieve the purpose of suppressing the leader in an ideal way. Take note!

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How to Expel the Leader in Clash Royale

How to kick the leader in clash royale

To start, you have to know that the clans are made up of the leader, the co-leaders and the common members of the clan, where each one of them has a rank or a hierarchy, being the most important of all the leader of the clan. But, it is possible that you have been in a clan for some time and you no longer want a certain user to be the leader of the clan, so you will want to find a way to remove the leader.

Keep in mind that in certain cases it is possible that the clan leader is making bad decisions and as a consequence the clan is obtaining bad results, given this, many users wonder if it is possible kick out the clan leader and the answer is that it is not possible to expel or remove the leader of the clan.

This is because the clan was probably created by this person and in that sense, Supercell protects the creator of the clan so that he does not lose it, but in the same way, we can assess certain alternative options such as: 

  1. Leave the clan: It may sound a bit exaggerated, but if the clan leader he constantly connects and plays, apart from interacting with the rest of the members, it doesn't matter if the rest support him or not, it will be impossible for you kick him out of the clan, so the easiest thing will be that leave the clan and try a new one or you can also try create your clan, since in this way the clan will be managed the way you want. 
  2. Supercell sanctions the inactivity of clan leaders, and it is that when passing 21 days without playing or without connecting to Clash Royale, the process will begin so that another leader is named in the game, prior notification to the clan leader about the change that is about to take place. This situation will only be able to occupy a veteran of the clan or a co-leader who has been appointed in advance. 

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