How to Enter PubG Mobile Training Mode

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PubG Mobile was the first shooter with great graphic quality released for mobile devices, since its launch it has not stopped innovating with the plurality of updates released by the independent company Tencent Games, in recent times it has added many users, so the community of Each area in the world has become very competitive, everyone wants to reach the top of the game and impose their level, in order to reach the top of the ranking of the best players you must have a lot of practice and hours invested in the game.

Therefore, to become a PubG Mobile expert You need to know how to enter the training area, which will help you raise your level significantly, this time we are going to explain how to enter it and where to place it in PubG Mobile. 

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How to Enter PubG Mobile Training Mode

How to Enter PubG Mobile Training Mode

The training mode is an ideal way to raise our game level, it is widely used by beginners and those people who do not have a great notion of shooting games. In it, even the best players in the community can improve their skills. The perfect training mode has a map where you can perform different tests and face at least five players to test your skills. It is continuously updated by Tencent Games so that day after day it will have better chances for you to improve your gaming skill. 

You can enter the training mode from the main lobby of the game, it appears as one of the main options and it is very simple, it will send you directly to the map and you will decide what weapons to practice with. In addition to this, you can add grenades, and certain bots in order to assist you as claims and you can improve your recoil with weapons and certain basic aspects of the game. PubG Mobile, such as your movement on the battlefield, how to use the fast sight and how to cover yourself

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