How to Compose in Apex Legends Ps4 and Pc 

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El Apex Legends it is a game with which you can have multiple ways to communicate, because when you are in games together, you can use voice chat to regulate your plays with your allies. However, not each and every user in the community has a microphone to be able to carry out this action and keep in touch with their peers, so in this article we are going to teach you how to write in Apex Legends when you play from ps4 and pc. 

In order to activate the chat on ps4 we must hold down the touchpad button, by pressing it for a few seconds a pop-up window type keyboard will appear which we will be able to direct with the joystick and the “X” button to choose the letters, the “O” button it will work to delete any letter if we get confused and the little arrows to move between the text.

How to Compose in Apex Legends Ps4 and Pc 

How to Compose in Apex Legends Ps4 and Pc 

On the other hand, to be able to put the chat and write texts on PC we must configure certain settings regarding our accessibility in the game. You must go to the accessibility option, go to the configuration submenu and enable reachable chat. With this procedure you will be able to hold the voice chat, and select a key to access the chat and write the message of your choice for your colleagues.

  • Voice chat is quite good and a very fast way to communicate, we invite you to use it whenever you can since text chat takes a lot of time, especially when you are a ps4 or Xbox One player with whom you are going to write somewhat slower than on a PC. 
  • The text chat to be able to write in Apex Legends was added in the latest updates to use them in games, previously you could only access this type of chat just by being in the lobby to regulate with your friends when they would play and in what game mode. 

Now if you are going to be able to communicate with your team using the chat of Apex Legends and agree to propose strategies that help win the game.

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