How to Command UC in PubG Mobile

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UC currency is considered the Premium currency in the mobile version of PubG, so everyone wants to have it in their inventory to exchange it for resources in the store such as costumes, weapon skins, or certain exclusive accessories of the time that appear in the game. events. In addition to this, with the UC coins we can acquire the Elite Pass Royale and pass a lot of missions every day to be able to claim rewards and advance faster than other players in the area.

UC currency makes many things easier for you in the game, it lets you have a step ahead compared to other players, it is not easy to get it for free, most of the community players invest real money in the official PubG stores and Tencent Games to be able to acquire them. Some of your friends in the game may not have the ability to acquire them and you somehow want to share yours with them, so in this article we are going to teach you how to send UC in PUBG Mobile as a gift to those closest to you in the game. 

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How to Command UC in PubG Mobile

How to Command UC in PubG Mobile

In order to make any type of gift in PubG Mobile, including UC coins, you must have a minimum time of two hours being friends with the person to whom you will send the coins, apart from playing multiple games to get synergy points, Tencent Games It requires at least two synergy points with your friend to be able to send them any gifts, so you must play multiple games together to achieve this benefit. As far as the individual is concerned, your avatar must have a level greater than three. 

After both meet each and every one of the requirements, you must log in to the account where you have the UC coins, and you must go to the main store of the game, different options will appear on the right side of the screen, you must press the submenu to "give" you enter there with the item that you have chosen to give away, in such a case we go to the mosaic and we entertain the UC coins that we want and that's it, you will have already sent UC in PubG Mobile. 

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