How to Climb the Bridge in PubG Mobile

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Erangel is a map of PUBG Mobile where there are plenty of places to hide. Absolutely no one would believe that there are players on top of a structure that you are not supposed to get on, so today we are going to show you the simplest way to get on the bridge in PubG Mobile.

First you have to know that there is no requirement to do so. You can go even when you just fell, but it is best to do it prepared and with certain weapons. It is a key point on the map that many players pass through, and an unnoticed one can represent an auxiliary loss for your account.

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How to Climb the Bridge in PubG Mobile

How to Climb the Bridge in PubG Mobile

To climb the Erangel Bridge in PUBG Mobile, you must first stand on one of the inclined cylinders on one side of the structure. You must look for the ones that serve you to climb and ride on top of them.

At this point you can see that there is a beam interrupting your path. However, this can simply be avoided if you walk past it to the next section of the bridge. At this point you should continue climbing in exactly the same direction you started.

Now you will find another beam right above you that prevents you from being on the bridge. As strange as it may seem, sometimes going down is the best option, and this is what we are going to do. First look at the pattern of the textures in the metal, and the pictures that prevail. Stand in the third, from top to bottom and jump towards the supports that you have right in front of you.

You will find that you are right in the middle of the bridge, but on an elevated part. Now you just have to climb the structure and, placing yourself in an area where it is possible for you to jump without colliding with the metal beam above you, you will jump to the top of the bridge.

Now your character will go up automatically and you will have gone up to the bridge in PUBG Mobile triumphantly.

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