How to change the ID in PubG Mobile

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When we create an account in PubG Mobile we will be able to put the information of our preference in our guerrilla profile only once, among that information we will find the name, our favorite game modes, the clan to which you want to belong, among many other things. The information put in our id for the first time will be free of charge.

Then, in order to change it, you must invest real money in the game and thus achieve the ID cards, not each and every one of the users has the ability to acquire exclusive things in PubG Mobile, so in this article we are going to teach how to change your id in PubG Mobile performing different activities in the game.

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How to change the ID in PubG Mobile

How to change the ID in PubG Mobile

We are going to be able to get ID cards from many things that we can do in PubG Mobile, are extremely precise, as a general rule each and every one of the users of the community regrets the first information they put in their guerrilla ID, because they need to represent another clan, change their objectives in the game or simply need change name  

Leveling up in the game you will be able to get ID cards, as in any shooter game, PubG Mobile It has a submenu of missions that we will be completing from a good number of games, each game mode will give us experience, and between levels three and nine we will be able to get a card. 

PubG Mobile has a challenge called the crew challenge, which consists of a battle between six players who share exactly the same area, whoever wins can get a lot of rewards, including an ID card to alter their information. 

If we have UC coins we will be able to exchange two hundred for an ID card, UC are the Premium currency of the game, with which we will be able to achieve exclusive content and benefits faster than other players in the community, in general they are achieved by putting money to the game.

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