How to Buy in Toca Life World

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On the planet of "Toca life world” You can have amazing things that make you stand out among the players, and for each new item you will receive countless benefits. And here the question: How can I acquire those things or objects in Toca life world? On this website we are going to teach you how to acquire these objects, it is one of the easiest things that everyone can do, but always and at all times with the respective authorization of your parents.

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How to Buy in Toca Life World

How to Buy in Toca Life World

To make purchases of VIP items from Toca Life World, we must do the following:

  • We enter the game.
  • Once there we go to the upper left corner where we will find an icon in the form of green store, we bite into it.
  • We will see all the content that we can acquire in “Toca life world".
  • We select the item we want and we click where it appears to acquire.
  • Next you will have to register a payment method, if you have it active you will only have to click on acquire and that's it.
  • If not, you will have to manage birth and fingerprint data.
  • Then we wait a while and our acquisition has been carried out successfully, we give it admit and it will tell us in which section it is free.
  • What happens if I do not have my active payment method? You will not be able to acquire any object in “Toca life world".

Add payment procedure Toca Life World

And how can I incorporate my payment method? It's easy, we go to the Google Play Store, in the upper right corner we click on our icon and a series of options will appear. Once in it, we choose payments and subscriptions and then click on payment methods. Here we will observe multiple options to enter our payment method, among them we have: Paypal, credit or debit cards, Play Codes, among others). We add the most recommended to employ and ready added payment procedure.

With all this already done, we will have the payment operation ready, being able to acquire our objects without complexity in “Toca life world”. Now that you know how to acquire these objects, you will be able to satisfy that desire to have exclusive content that it has to offer you.

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