How to Buy a House in Toca Life World

The houses in "Toca Life World" are the main base of the game, there are many houses such as the ones at the beginning and auxiliary there are many others that can be acquired. The houses with the largest size are the ones that give you the most benefits in the game, the small ones also give you benefits, but obviously not to such an extent.

In order to acquire a house we enter the game of “Toca life world” After waiting for the load, we look for the place where we want our new house to be. Then a blue hammer-shaped icon will appear in the center of the screen at the bottom, we press this icon and it will show us the places where we can put our new house, these places are marked with the plus sign (+).

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How to Buy a Home in Toca Life World

How to Buy a Home in Toca Life World

Clicking on the place where the new house will be, an alternative will open where it will show us which houses we have built, there we move to the right until we see the option: discover new things (store) we choose this alternative and wait for it to finish charging time. Here we look for the house that we like the most and we press the green plus (+) button, we click on acquire. We write our date of birth and enter our password or fingerprint, and ready our purchase has been successful.

We go to the site that they indicate to us after acquiring our house, again we go to the icon in the form of a blue hammer, they will realize that now (there are new articles free). We click on it and choose the previously purchased house, press on the plus (+) where we want our house to be and it will appear next to an alternative to build, we press on it and wait for our house to be built, after that we enter and we enjoy everything new that it has brought us, it is time to decorate and show off your house to your friends.

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