How to Activate Dummies in Apex Legends 

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The dummies are a kind of inflatable dolls that appear in the shooting range to practice our shots against positioned opponents, improving our aim and practicing new configurations with different weapons before starting a real Battle Royale game. Although these dolls remain static as they are a basic way to progress your skills, you can activate them so that they start attacking you and further improve the practice arena and the different scenarios that you can find in a game of Apex Legends. In this article, we are going to explain how to activate the dummies in this magnificent game. 

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How to Activate Dummies in Apex Legends 

How to Activate Dummies in Apex Legends 

The process with the dummies is very similar to the one we use with the bots:

  • We must leave all our weapons outside the grotto instead of leaving it on the shelf, when we return to the grotto immediately before we go to the firing range
  • We will choose the Pathfinder legend story and instead of picking up the beam we will get hooked on it, once you are there you will notice that everything is very dark, put your legendary story with your eyes facing the lower part of the grotto and change the character.
  • You quickly enter the shooting range, pick up your weapons and voila, the dummies will appear activated. 

This procedure of activating the dummies in Apex Legends It is extremely essential at the time of warming up before entering a ranked game, because it helps us improve our level and each and every one of the basic aspects that we handle in most shooting games. They're a pretty belligerent kind of dummies, very mobile in the firing range and cover really well, so don't get too complacent and do everything you can to suppress them when they get together in large packs. As you eliminate dummies, they appear in greater quantity. 

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