How to Acquire Tag in PubG Mobile

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the tag in PubG Mobile It is considered as an ID change card for your account, which has a very simple procedure to acquire it. In other mobile device games, the tag has other concepts, to tag is to go after a specific player so that he can follow you and be able to ambush him with your team. In such a case, we are going to talk about how to acquire tag in PubG Mobile simply.

Many users in the community have wondered how they can acquire this detailed ID change, which will leave if you don't get along with certain users, they can no longer procure you for your old ID. This is a technique that is widely used by PubG Mobile content authors, so that they do not exploit their friend request account.

When an ID of a known player is leaked, it is quite common that among many requests they spam him due to the fact that each and every one of the users of the community wants to play with him, and they use these tricks to be able to go unnoticed by the community and be able to enjoy your gaming experience. 

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How to Acquire Tag in PubG Mobile

How to Acquire Tag in PubG Mobile

The first thing you should do is log in to the account of your choice and go to the main lobby, on this home screen a purchase icon will appear that you will be able to press without inconvenience or commitment to purchase. The acquire icon will take you to a submenu where different options appear, in such a case you will be in one of the game's treasures, scrolling through that interface you will be able to acquire an ID change card, press acquire and the option of payment that seems best to you in the game.  

To acquire a tag you must invest about three hundred and sixty UC, an equivalent of about three US dollars, ID changes cannot be made regularly, you must meet a period of sixty days to make another change and players rarely get a tag free of charge.

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