How old is PubG Mobile?

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PUBG Mobile Without a doubt, it is a game that has transcended over time. In contrast to other Shooters in which downloads fall as fame passes, this one stands firm without stopping receiving good comments. On a day like today, we are going to tell you how old he is PUBG Mobile and what has led it to be what it is today.

It all started with a simple idea that, despite being innovative, was not at all original. Based on previously produced movies, author Brendan Greene invented a code that involved throwing a bunch of people onto an island and letting them wipe each other out. But even before that, there was quite a long way to go.

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How old is PubG Mobile?

How old is PubG Mobile?

Brendan studied anything and everything he could with the time he had, from engineering to arts to even programming. He was a fan of shooters, and getting bored with the monotony of games back then, he decides to create his own. 

And this is how, inspired by a Japanese manga called Battle Royale, Greene creates the new mode that would revolutionize the world of gaming. After developing it as an ancillary feature for games like DayZ or ARMA III, he decides to bring it to the PC sideline as just another game.

It is how the game begins to gain fame over the competition, for a simple proposal that, apart from being innovative, was enjoyable. It is then that in two thousand and eighteen it is extended to a mobile interlock, with the creation of PUBG Mobile. Despite the fact that the best known and most played version today is the mobile version, the game came out in January XNUMX for PCs. Since then, only entertainment, eliminations and interesting events abound in PUBG in which you do not know what the developers will surprise you with.

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