How Not to Aggress Your Friends in Coin Master

How Not to Aggress Your Friends in Coin Master

Playing Coin Master with your friends is usually considerably more entertaining than with strangers, on top of this for every new friend you receive forty free spins. And spins are essential in this exciting game. When you play Coin Master with friends, you can support each other by trading cards and much more. That's why you need to know how not to attack your friends in Coin Master.

How not to attack your friends in Coin Master, but perceive the advantages of each attack? Since to your surprise, this is possible.

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How Not to Assault Your Friends in Coin Master

How not to attack your friends in Coin Master

There are ways to evade these attacks, but it's just as well to notice your reward.

change village

When you have the option to attack in Coin Master, you are automatically directed to a specific village. There is a possibility that the village that corresponds to you to attack, is that of your friend. To avoid attacking your friends' village follow these easy steps:

  • Open Coin Master and roll until you get the hammers that are to attack another player
  • You will be sent automatically to the village of your friend
  • At the top of the screen, you will be able to see the name of the player you are going to attack followed by two buttons: Revenge and friends. If you choose the friends option, you will be transported to another village, but this can also be your friend's. If the village change was successful, continue the attack.
  • If you don't want to attack the villages of any of your friends, you must choose the Revenge option. Coin Master will show you a list of users who have attacked your village, choose the player you want to attack

Play Coin Master in Ghost Mode

This is not an official feature of the game, but rather a tool discovered by players, where you can continue to play more as a guest. Thus, you can go unnoticed by your Facebook friends. To play in Spectrum Mode you must:

  • Open Coin Master and go to the Settings section in the top right menu
  • Go to the end and choose the disconnect option. After a few seconds, the option to play as a guest will appear
  • Select to play as a guest, and play as normal

While playing Coin Master in specter mode, and you get the option to attack, you will be sent to the villages of unknown players. That way you won't have to attack your friends.

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