How Many People Play Clash Royale

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Supercell is a company that has found the right formula to reach the public of all ages, creating games with deep content and simplicity that make them definitive successes when it comes to mobile games. This can be exemplified with Clash Royale, who, following the line of work and success left by clash of clans, has worked effectively in the development of his game.

It is so much so that today, players they are counted by millions and they are not restricted to a single game, but encompass a cosmos of games created by this important company. So it is not surprising that at any moment they join the fashion of metaverses and let's see collaborations between their games. 

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How Many People Play Clash Royale

How Many People Play Clash Royale

It should be noted that although clash of clans was a boom in sales and downloads, the game that launched Supercell in the world of games, undoubtedly some clash royale, although brawl stars finished building this empire, this game did show the capacity for inventiveness and fun that a mobile game can have. 

With what we have said, it is not surprising that it currently has over four hundred million downloads distributed between Android and IOS, in addition to this it is estimated that there are about thirty million people connected playing every day. With these numbers, it is not surprising that it is among the most played games in the world, since it is available in more than one hundred and eighty countries, transforming it into a universal game. 

And if we talk about profits, since we would be talking about the fact that about two million US dollars are made every day, resulting in the fact that from its beginnings until today, we are talking about nearly three billion US dollars raised at the world level. 

These numbers are the clear example of how a trend that marked a complete generation, the mobiles little by little settled down and everything that came out in them, was homonymous with success, and if you combine it with a diverse formula you can find games like clash royale, which will provide you with fun on a daily basis. 

Over the years the game was acquiring a more professional character, and their expansion led them to create competitive leagues and international championships, in which professional players fight for the company's top prize. 

We hope this article has helped you and you can identify how many people play clash royale. We recommend that you continue reading our articles related to this game, as well as many other games on our official website. 

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