How many active players does Apex Legends have?

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Apex Legends is a game that has become quite renowned recently, keeping in mind the planet we live on. The Battle Royale game style, together with its active gameplay, make it a title with which you can probably start in the world of gaming. In a game where your competition is the greats of the genre, such as PUBG and Fortnite, you rarely have the ability to succeed. However, we have EA, which develops Apex and is positioned in one of the most played Battle Royale of the season. 

The company does not usually give much data on how many active players it has, not even new registrations. Unless it is an essential data or a purpose that was proposed, you will not be lucky if you want to know the precise number. 

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How many active players does Apex Legends have?

How many active players does Apex Legends have?

In its first month, the game reached an impressive fifty million players. This is something incredible, considering that it was a newly released game. The development team took the forecasts in the event that bugs occurred, but nothing unforeseeable occurred. 

And it is that this amount was reached simply thanks to the promotion of content authors throughout that week. Without a doubt, EA celebrated seeing how little by little more people were downloading the game they worked so hard on.

Considering that an active player is someone who signed up for the game less than a month ago, and who played it in this period, we can say that Apex has more than usual. If you just don't want to be matched up with the exact same person three times because there aren't enough players, then this game is what you should try. 

Currently, the game has about two million active players. This counting the platforms of Origin, Steam, PS four, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. 

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