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Tap Boca Life and its multiple scenarios take players to incredible places. Did you know that you could have houses in Touch mouth? Of course it is possible! And not just one but rather many properties set to your liking in different locations.

If you have noticed Toca Boca is a window for the little ones to develop different skills, it can be said that the limits are set by the users themselves. Each account is carried in a way because it is inspired by the psyche of the little one who is the one who somehow creates his planet, in this case his "HOUSE".

Consequently, the designs are varied, the colors, the distribution of the furniture and many other details. The little ones or players have to choose between more than one locations and there design from a small apartment to a modern mansion in a sumptuous complex.

Also, exactly the same game lets you decorate your house with different scenarios, peculiar themes and even sports themes. Inventiveness does all the work! If you add to this each and every one of the occasions that the exact same game offers, wonders can be achieved.

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Houses of Toca Boca

How to have each and every one of the Toca Boca houses in Toca Life World?

If you want to have houses in Toca Boca you only have to play daily, as you progress you have multiple opportunities to access captivating places like Urbe Jaleo and start your new life there.

When you have your own house, you can accommodate it to your liking. From there it will be a starting point to continue acquiring properties in other locations.

Don't forget to stop by the Toca store and check out the free packs! You can have many ornamental objects or see the availability of your packs and continue moving forward.

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