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The entertainment it provides PUBG Mobile as a game it is quite comparable with other game genres. It is a game genre in which a hundred people fight for resources on an island that shrinks in size over time, until only one is left standing.

Just as the game is fun, there may be bugs that you need help with. If a code two error has happened to you in PUBG Mobile, in this guide we are going to show you how to repair it, what it is due to and the ways you have so that this error does not recur. 

This code is a bit different from the rest. There are some whose origin is the problem in the connection, but when you find the cause of this, it shows the message of "restricted area".

If this happens to you, fear not. In this guide we show you the convenient steps so that you can solve it. Generally, this kind of failure happens after an update, when certain connection protocols have been changed and clashes break out on certain devices or locations. 

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Error Code dos PubG Mobile

Error code dos PubG Mobile

In this case, what happens is that you are in an area that, according to the code, is limited. Surely this is not true and is due to something that needs to be patched now, but in every way you will have to fix it. 

The only solution at the moment is to use a VPN and turn off your location. The servers will now not deny you access to their information because they will think you are in another country, to which you have connected through the service. 

There are many applications that offer this service for free, which claims to be more secure rather than compromising the data on your device. For this reason, we invite you to download Thunder VPN, which is free and available in the Google Play Store.

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