Corona Fever Clash Royale: What is it and what exactly is it used for

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The corona fever is an event that causes a lot of fervor among the millions of users around the world. Due to this, we concentrated on preparing a complete content on corona fever Clash Royale.

Also, we are going to tell you briefly about all the benefits of this great event, which runs from time to time and involves many players. You should know that throughout this time you can get many crowns by winning exactly the same number of battles as before. Ready to start? Let's start from now!

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What is Corona Fever Clash Royale and what is it for?

What is clash royale crown fever?

At certain moments of the time, Clash Royale gives some unique challenges or events, which multiply the players' earnings exponentially, and the same happens with the crown rush Clash Royale event.

During the fever event crowns As its name says, fighting exactly the same number of battles you will be able to add considerably more crowns, so you will be able to get more crown chests in less time.

What is the corona fever worth in Clash Royale?

  1. You can get a good amount of crowns faster, which adds extra fun due to the fact that with less care you will have more of them.
  2. you will achieve challenges in a considerably shorter time.
  3. You will be practicing more, and consequently improving in the game, because your psyche will be focused on win crowns, but really and without realizing it you will be using strategies that do work and winning many crowns.

In order to participate in this event you must first have purchased the clash royale battle pass, and then just play battles as usual. The fun thing about this event is that with exactly the same number of battles you will earn considerably more crowns.

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