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Clash Royale chests are one of the most essential parts of the game, and many players wonder how chests really work. clash royale vault cycles. This causes so many questions by weight that we want to know about it: chests can give us unique and powerful cards.

In this guide, we are going to tell you the details related to the cycles of chests Clash Royale. Keep in mind that today there are 3 types of cycles: normal, special and missions. Knowing them well is another tool to better understand which chests can touch you. Let us begin!

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Clash Royale Vault Cycles

clash royale vault cycles

To know where you are precisely in the clash royale chest cycle, there is a website that is officially recognized by the game company called Stats Royale. On that page you can also view your account stats, useful card information, and build your decks for testing, among many other things. If you want to discover which chests will touch you, you must follow the next steps:

  1. First, go to your profile in the game and click on the code to copy it.
  2. Once copied, head over to the Stats Royale website. Enter the identification code in the white slot at the top of the page (make sure that 芦Players禄 is chosen):
  3. Already in your profile, scroll down the page until you locate the section 芦Upcoming Chests芦. There you will know what the next chests that will come out in the normal cycle will be. You will see that it will be represented in the following way:

Note that this will notify you of upcoming Silver and Gold chests that you will earn by winning matches. And if that were not enough, you will discover how many chests you must unlock and open until the next one giant or magic chest.

But, when you advance in the number of trophies and king level in your account, the normal cycle of chests is going to be slightly affected. Therefore, now we are going to tell you what the different clash royale vault cycles.

Normal chest cycle

Hereb you will receive a chest every time you win games in Clash Royale, as long as you don't have all 4 chest slots full. The chests you get after each victory are the ones that are part of this specific cycle and, as you will be able to see, at first they are not high level.

Notably, the normal chest cycle It is made up of one hundred and eighty silver, fifty-two gold, four magical and four giant chests, for a total of two hundred and forty chests. It is essential to mention that the order will always be exactly the same. In addition to this, the cycle will not advance if you have full chest slots.

Cycle of special chests

If you exceed the barrier of three hundred trophies, you will begin to perceive other types of chests randomly. In truth, three hundred trophies is also the exact same requirement to unlock Arena Two. This loop can be a bit confusing, but here's how it works:

  • The singular chest cycle has a length of five hundred cycle chests normal. In other words, the singular cycle starts again when you have received five hundred chests from the normal cycle.
  • Upon reaching the 300 trophies, you will be able to randomly win a chest mega lightning each single cycle.
  • At 1000 (Arena four) and 2000 trophies (Arena seven), you will also be able to get chests epic y legendaryrespectively.
  • You will be able to receive from the 3 singular chests and, if you achieve an epic or legendary, the next one will always be a mega lightning chest.

Cycle of quest chests

This last type of cycle is made up of chests that we get by complete missions. Clash Royale has a system of objectives that we can overcome and, by achieving it, it will give us juicy rewards.

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