Best Names for Among Us

Since your beginnings Among Us has tolerated its players to put on the name they want, as long as it does not violate the rules of the community, or that they are racist or hateful. With everything and this, the community continues to emerge unscathed and looking for inventiveness as an essential pillar for their names.

Extensive lists of funny names, in honor of certain series, well-known characters, etc. They drown each and every one of the among us games. The Spanish-speaking community is not the exception, perhaps because we have in our DNA, that spark of appreciation get a smile to each and every one of those who share with us, or for being a first class troll. 

The themed games sponsored by the community are among the funniest, added to adapted mods you can make each game a pleasant experience for you and your friends.

So we have developed a blog post with the best names for among us, funny names, troll names, or names with a unique background, we will evaluate them and give a unique opinion. So sit back and enjoy this amazing and humorous article. 

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Best Names for Among Us

How to change your name in among us 

To change your name in among us is very simple, you just have to follow the next steps and it will be a simple thing. 

Simply go to the main menu at the top you will see that you can click or touch it, if it is on mobile, and alter it to your liking. It is essential that you know that you can change that name at any time, as long as you are not in a game. 

Better names for among us

  • Paca Garte.
  • Anna Mia.
  • Elsa Duck.
  • Elsa Broson.
  • Thomas Cao.
  • Deborah Melo.
  • Marcy Ana.
  • Elvis Tech.
  • Zoila Cerda.
  • Aitor Tilla.
  • Paco Merlo.
  • I did not go.
  • I'm sorry.

How you can see these names have the peculiarity of playing with censorship, and being exaggeratedly funny, it is only enough to imagine some really serious games and that they call you by your name and be one of these. In normal chat or voice chat, they are guaranteed laughs and good ones. 

Troll-themed names

  • Who?
  • ¿Donde?
  • But what happened?
  • (insert name) is not
  • It is the (insert color)
  • She is my mother
  • It was the (color determined)
  • I saw it
  • (Name of a color that produces a lot of chaos)
  • ...
  • (Name and number)
  • (Name and Roman numerals)

Can't miss all those names that just by writing them we troll anyone who says it. Those exposed above are certain many examples that we can locate in a game. So pick one that will be annoying enough for your friends or teammates throughout the game. 

The name change is one of those options that gives a lot of diversity to the game and that will give a lot of humor to your games. We hope that this article has been useful to you and that you find the name that best suits you. We recommend that you examine more of our content related to among us and many other games. 

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