Benefits of Coin Master Teams

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One of the incredible novelties of Coin Master are the teams, which can be up to fifty players. The best thing are the advantages of the Coin Master teams, since they allow each one of them to give away spins and cards.

Coin Master teams are known as Game Teams, and users can join a team, or form a new one. We can highlight that each and every one of the Coin Master teammates can request spins or cards and even donate cards. In addition to this, members of each team can chat with each other. Join a team or form a new one! And enjoy the advantages of the equipment of Coin Master.

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Benefits of Coin Master Teams

What are the advantages of Coin Master equipment

Coin Master offers its players different alternative options to win fantastic prizes and rewards in the game. Now with the team mode, it lets you enjoy unbeatable benefits for more fun.

Request fully free spins

You can ask team members you belong to for free spins, getting up to one spin every eight hours. The moment a team member requests a roll, the request is shown with the help button.

request card

You can ask for a loss card to fill the set of cards. You can do this every two hours. When a team member requests a card, this request will be shown in the team tab, with the Donate button. So, each teammate can donate cards, but only if they have an auxiliary card requested. In this way, it is possible to get the missing card and donate it.

Participate in chats

The chat option of the Coin Master team is very helpful to share information with the rest of the team. Chat helps maintain good communication between team members.

Finding a team in Coin Master is quite easy, you just have to touch the search bar that appears at the top and write their name. If you are not looking for a specific team, just browse the list provided by the game, and choose the team you want.

You can select between open teams, which allow any player to be a part of it, as long as they meet the precise requirements. You can also choose a closed team, those that have a leader who is the person who approves or rejects your entry.

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