ATLAS: Detailed Pirate Game Map

Our articles about ATLAS ATLAS: Detailed map of the Pirate game As ATLAS has just launched its Early Access phase, you may be wondering what the Pirate game map looks like. Planned for 40 players, the MMO has a huge map made up of hundreds of islands!

Do you like the world of pirates? Are the Pirates of the Caribbean films among your favorites (or do you prefer series like Black Sails)? Grapeshot Games thought of you when developing ATLAS, a pirate MMO! If you want to find out more information about the game, do not hesitate to visit our detailed presentation of the title.

Whether you already have the game or if you are still hesitating to buy it ($30 during Early Access) here is our guide to the game map.

Presentation of the map

ATLAS: Detailed Pirate Game Map

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→ You can also consult this interactive map.

The current ATLAS map therefore looks like a multitude of islands and archipelagos, which could surprise players since no large continent is present in the game. According to the developers, the idea is to favor travel and life on a ship rather than leaving afk players on a large island.

Card size

According to the first testers of the game, it would take approximately 42 hours to cross the map diagonally and about 30 hours to go from East to West. Note that the map works more or less like a globe, that is to say that if you completely cross the map, you will appear again on the other side.

Regions and climate on the map

The developers designed the map with the idea of ​​having two poles in the North and South and a more tropical region in the center, like the Earth. This shouldn't have a big impact when you launch the game, but it's likely that later ATLAS will have weather changes (and potentially opponents) related to the geographic area you're in.

Fog of war and vision on the map

There is no fog of war on the map but your visibility is limited to what you can see in game. However, it will be possible to improve this vision thanks to your sextant (the navigation tool used at the time) but also via upgrades on your ship.

ATLAS: Detailed Pirate Game Map

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