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Our articles about ATLAS ATLAS: Treasure hunt, how to earn gold Looking to make a lot of gold coins on ATLAS? The life of a pirate is sometimes difficult, which is why we explain how to quickly get money in the game by looting chests by going on a treasure hunt.

You might be wondering how to earn gold fast on ATLAS? Well the answer is quite simple since who says pirate game obviously says treasures! Chests hidden across the map are the best solution to quickly earn money in the game (sometimes more than 500 gold coins) although be careful, the task will not be easy.

Prepare for a treasure hunt

First of all, it is important to point out that this activity is reserved for experienced players, playing in a group and having a good ship as well as a solid arsenal to defend themselves with. Indeed, you will sometimes have to navigate in hostile waters and the treasures are guarded by non-player characters (Soldiers of the damned) that you will have to eliminate before you can loot the chest.

Get ready to fight against the Soldiers of the damned for gold!

Also note that you can only activate a card once for several hours (currently about 5 hours but it seems to depend on the quality of the card according to some players).

Find a treasure map

This operation is probably the simplest since treasure maps are legion on ATLAS. To find some, all you have to do is explore the coasts of each island to find bottles containing a map. It is also possible to obtain a card by looting a barrel at sea.  

Several things to know about treasure maps:

→ The value of each treasure is measured by the level of the treasure map: this is rated from 1 to 7, knowing that 7 is the best quality (therefore more gold).

→ They disappear after several hours and you can only do one per session, so avoid looting several and focus only on those whose quality is important.

→ The location of the treasure is indicated by the Region. Once activated, this will generally tell you where to go (see our map of ATLAS) before displaying a marker when you are nearby.

Obtain the chest hidden in the sand

After activating the map, you will therefore have to navigate often hostile waters in order to reach the island in question. Near it, a marker will appear to guide you exactly to the location of the chest.

However, you will then have to fight against the Soldiers of the damned who are swarming around the treasure area. If some sometimes try to limit the confrontation, it is however mandatory to kill the Guardian in order to be able to dig (think of a shovel before you embark on the adventure) and loot the chest.

Some tips to eliminate them:

→ Do not attempt to take the treasure alone (unless you are Rambo)

→ Ranged weapons are recommended in order to avoid Guardian hits

→ Soldiers fear fire

→ Avoid straying too far from the marked area, otherwise the Guardian will disappear

Contents of chests

The contents of the chests are random since in addition to gold, you will also get crafting plans/recipes (see our crafting guide) to make complex objects (armor, weapons but also tools) as well as sometimes objects ( although we haven't had much luck on this point so far). As far as gold goes, a treasure map with a grade above 5 should be closer to 500-600 gold.

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