Which house to choose in Fire Emblem Three Houses?

Nos articles sur Fire Emblem Three Houses Which house to choose in Fire Emblem Three Houses? Which house to choose in Fire Emblem Three Houses? During the first hours of play, a choice of size presents itself to you in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Which house to choose to accompany you throughout the adventure?

The choice of house in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is not trivial and will be decisive for the rest of the story. Indeed, it will be impossible to go back. You have three options: jet eagles of the Adrestian Empire, the sapphire lions of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus or the Cerfs d'or of the Leicester Alliance.

Three houses, three scenarios

Each faction lets you explore a different storyline and offers new story interactions and twists. Without revealing too much of the rest of the story, be aware that conflicts of interest will appear during the game and you may have to face characters from other houses.

Which house to choose in Fire Emblem Three Houses?

Each house has its students

Depending on the chosen house, you will fight alongside the students of your assigned class. Although it is possible to recruit students from other houses later in the game, we advise you to choose the house with the characters you like the most, because these will be an integral part of your adventure.

A privileged link with the leader of your house

In every Fire Emblem, romances are possible. Three Houses is no exception to the rule. However, it will only be possible to establish a romantic link with a leader if you have selected his faction at the start of the game. So if you want to get closer to Edelgard, Claude ou Dimitri, remember to choose the corresponding house!

Different attractions for the fight

Each house has its favorite area. Depending on your fighting style, you may favor one house over another. Although each character can study any abilities, they will progress much faster in an area that interests them.

  • The Black Eagles of the Adrestian Empire are renowned for their magical skills. Few students have emblems and most are not very good with mounts.
  • The Sapphire Lions of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus are particularly proficient in the military art. They have a good command of mounts and are robust.
  • The Golden Stags of the Leicester Alliance have no equal with ranged weapons. This is the most versatile group of students.

A 4th story with the Jet Eagles

Which house to choose in Fire Emblem Three Houses?

After twenty hours of play, a revelation turns the life of the Monastery upside down. Again, your decisions will impact the story. If you have chosen the house of jet eagles, you will be able to unlock a 4th scenario...

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