Latest Fortnite leak teases Spider-Man, sliding mechanic, biomes and more

As the conclusion of the Fortnite Chapter 8 Season 2 Live Event is fast approaching, a trailer for the upcoming Chapter 3 Battle Pass has been leaked on social media.

The trailer gave many players a detailed look at the content that will likely be included in the battle pass for Fortnite Chapter 3.

iFireMonkey @iFireMonkey Earlier today, Epic Games leaked the full Chapter 3 - Season 1 Battle Pass trailer on their Fortnite Poland YouTube account. ?? 15:11 p.m. 4 Dec. 2021



Here's everything we've unpacked from the latest Fortnite leak, including new characters, features, and more.

Spider-Man's Web Heads To Fortnite

Epic Games may be continuing its collaboration with Marvel as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man appears to be joining the game. The Marvel character will come with three different outfit styles, including the leaked Symbiote outfit.

Spider-Man's arrival in Fortnite will come with three outfits including the Symbiote outfit. (Photo: Twitter / Driifty Toaster)

Additionally, the leak suggests that the Daily Bugle building will likely appear on the Fortnite map as a new point of interest (POI). While it doesn't suggest if there are any POI-related challenges or quests, the building has made several appearances throughout Spider-Man's comics as well as live-action and animated projects. .

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However, Spider-Man isn't the only character coming to Fortnite soon as the leak teases BuffLlama and the Foundation's arrival in the game.

Glide mechanics, biomes, and other environmental features

The leaked trailer also revealed new gameplay mechanics to be introduced in Fortnite Chapter 3. Although it has been rumored for a while that Epic Games was working on a sliding mechanic, the trailer features characters knocking down enemies as they slide down a hill.

Fortnite players can finally use the swipe mechanic in-game. (Photo: YouTube/SinX6)

The leaked trailer also hints at new biomes coming with the Chapter 3 update. Having made their first appearance in Chapter 1, the biomes will likely bring new map changes for Chapter 3, however, l The extent and type of biomes we are likely to see have yet to be confirmed.

Tornadoes and lightning were also hinted at in the leaked trailer. Details on how these mechanics work have yet to be revealed, but as with the arrival of Spider-Man, it's possible that a POI is tied to these natural disasters.

Players can use loot tents to find more weapons, ammo, and more. (Photo: YouTube/SinX^

Finally, a new type of loot cache is making its way to Fortnite in the form of loot tents. These tents will be pitched anywhere on the island for players to loot available items. The types of loot that will be offered have not yet been revealed.

At the time of writing, the information provided in the leaked trailer has yet to be confirmed by the developer. Until the official trailer confirms the content featured in the leak, we'll update this story as more information becomes available.

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Image courtesy of YouTube/Sin X473.

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