Fortnite Sideways Scythe: How To Get, Stats & Leveling Materials

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With the release of Fortnite v18.21, Epic Games launched the Fortnitemares 2021 event filled with challenges and rewards, a new location called "The Convergence", and more. There's even a new melee weapon for players to acquire, in the form of the side scythe. In this guide, we cover how players can get the Sideways Scythe in Fortnite, its stats, and what they'll need to upgrade it to a higher rarity.

How to Get Sideways Scythe in Fortnite

As the name suggests, you'll need to enter a Side Anomaly and complete it to get your hands on a Side Fake.

The side anomalies are dark and full of terrors… (Photo: Epic Games)

It's really a pretty easy process, and those who have played Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 should be familiar with these side anomalies. If you're jumping into the new season, our guide below can help.

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Side Anomaly locations are random, so jump into a match, open your map, and find where they spawned. You will need to open a side crate inside to get a side scythe drop in Fortnite.

You can also head to the new POI called The Convergence (in the middle of the map) to face a Guardian monster that drops the Side Scythe.

Sideways Scythe Stats, Rarity Levels & Leveling Up

The Sideways Scythe has a unique mechanic that heals the player when they score an elimination. It also has up to 46 damage, depending on the rarity.

Check out the image below (via HYPEX) for the full Sideways Scythe stats by rarity.

Sideways Scythe rarities and stats. (Photo: HYPEX)

You can upgrade the Sideways Scythe in Fortnite with Cube Monster Coins (get them from the Sideways Anomalies).

  • Uncommon to Rare - 15 Piece Cube Monster
  • Rare to Epic – 20 Cube Monster Coins
  • Epic to Legendary – 25 Cube Monster Parts
  • From Legendary to Mythical – 50 Cube Monster Pieces

It goes without saying that the Sideways Scythe is arguably one of, if not the most powerful melee means in the game, and the healing mechanic on elimination makes it even better.

So there you have it, an easy way to get the Sideways Scythe in Fortnite now that the v18.21 update is live.

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Image courtesy of Epic Games.

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