Fortnite Ariana Grande Icon Series skin: first look, release date and more

The Fortnite Rift Tour will launch from August 6 and is expected to feature international superstar, Ariana Grande. This follows Epic Games' announcement that the next Fortnite event will feature a "musical journey into magical new realities, where Fortnite and a record-breaking superstar collide".

There are also several 473ur plastered posters from Fortnite that hint at the upcoming concert. We now have the opportunity to take a look at the exclusive Ariana Grande Icon Series skin set and release date, following recent data miner leaks.

Ariana Grande Icon Series Skin: First Look

Trusted data miner iFireMonkey revealed the superstar's Icon Series skin on Twitter and it looks amazing! HYPEX (another data miner) further revealed that the skin would contain variants.

Ariana Grande Icon Series skin unveiled (Picture: Twitter/iFireMonkey)

You can watch the skin in more detail in the video below.

iFireMonkey @iFireMonkey This Arianas emote video was shared on my discord server! 20:47 August 1, 2021



This skin design is different from an earlier concept model, which you can see below. It's also possible that it's just a different variant of Ariana Grande's Icon Series skin.

Ariana Grande Icon Series variant skin revealed (Photo: Twitter/iFireMonkey)

iFireMonkey also revealed statements regarding the collaboration, from Ariana Grande and the Epic Games team. Ariana said that "working with Epic and the Fortnite team to bring [her] music to life inside the game has been so fun and such an honor."

Ariana Grande's feature film was also positively received by the Epic Games team.

iFireMonkey @iFireMonkey Some quotes from Ariana Grande and Phil Rampulla regarding the Rift Tour experience:

20:33 August 1, 2021



“We are so grateful to have an iconic superstar like Ariana Grande and her team join us for a Metaverse-wide musical experience, and for players and fans to experience the Rift Tour,” said Phil Rampulla (brand manager at Epic Games).

Ariana Grande Icon Series Skin: Release Date

Ariana Grande will arrive in the Fortnite Item Shop on August 4 at 20 p.m. ET or 1 a.m. BST. The bling backpack you see in the video is called "Piggy Smallz".

iFireMonkey @iFireMonkey Ariana Grande hits the Item Shop August 4 at 20 PM ET
20:04 August 1, 2021



It is also confirmed that most event files will be added in Fortnite patch 17.30 which will be released in the next 3 days. Also, the next Rift Tour event will be a concert event (not a scenario event).

iFireMonkey @iFireMonkey It is confirmed that most event files will be added in v17.30, which should be released in the next 3 days! 20:09 August 1, 2021



We don't know what Ariana Grande's setlist will be for the Rift Tour concert, but we suspect it will likely include songs from her recent album, "Positions," which she is currently promoting.

Poster IRL Fortnite Rift Tour (Photo: Twitter / iFireMonkey)

We look forward to the event and are sure it will be positively received by fans, just like Travis Scott's "Astronomical" event.

Travis Scott Astronomical event in Fortnite (Photo: Epic Games)

Be sure to check out the exclusive Rift Tour Live event leak video by iFireMonkey below for more information on the upcoming release.

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Header image via Twitter / iFiremonkey.

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