eSports Life: Managing stress, energy and focus

Our articles on eSports Life eSports Life: Managing stress, energy and concentration In eSports Life, it is important to take into account the needs of your character. But what are the best ways to fill them?

Embarking on a career as a professional player is not easy, especially when you are a student and live with your parents! In addition to family quarrels, you have to know how to manage your schedule, your lessons, but above all your needs. In eSports Life, the needs of your characters are multiple but are expressed in three forms: stress, energy and concentration.

In this guide, we are going to give you all the keys to meeting your needs as quickly and easily as possible, with the aim of becoming the eSportsperson of tomorrow.


Your needs on screen

Your needs are visible at the very top of your screen, as shown in the photo below.

→ Energy: when the bar is full, you are rested;
Stress: when the bar is empty, you are not stressed;
Concentration: when the circle is empty, you are no longer concentrated.

eSports Life: Managing stress, energy and focus


You lose energy very quickly during your activities: classes, streams, family chores, outings, etc. It is important to gauge your energy bar well because once tired, you will not be able to carry out any activity and you will waste time for your ascent. Therefore, it is important to recover energy well... and quickly!

How to gain energy?

There are two ways to gain energy: food, also called junk food in the game, and your bed. Indeed, nothing better than a nap to rest you, but each nap will last several hours, and if time is short, that's when junk food comes into play. Before a competition or a stream for example, this option is interesting so as not to waste time.

Recommended junk food: Bull-Power ($15 for 20 energy and 10 concentration) or Chewing Gum ($35 for 30 energy, 20 less stress, and 20 less concentration)


Training when your goal is to become the best player in the world is very stressful. From then on, all your workouts on the computer will fill this gauge, which is not good! A stressed player is a less efficient player in the long term.

How to lose your stress?

Just like for energy, it is possible to fall back on junk food in eSports Life to reduce stress. However, in your early days, buying food is clearly not profitable. You will therefore have to socialize to de-stress. Call a friend, go to a meeting place to talk, flirt or even kiss people; the fastest being the dance which will unlock later in the game. Stress is extremely harmful for a player. If your gauge is full, you will no longer be able to train.

Recommended junk food: Coca-Loca ($15 for 10 less stress and 20 energy). If you are not close to your pennies, buy Chewing gum, this one is less profitable but reduces stress more quickly.


This need is the least important in eSports Life, since his gauge goes down slower than the others. However, this variable should not be neglected because concentration is essential for successful training.

How to concentrate?

To gain concentration, only one solution: food. So you're going to have to go buy a hamburger or buy some junk food from the grocery store, which seems to be the most profitable. Bull Power or Cheesy balls will be the two products to be preferred.

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