eSports Life: How to improve your stream

Our articles on eSports Life eSports Life: How to improve your stream The stream is not essential in eSports Life but can allow you to gain subscribers or even money.

In eSports Life, your career as a future professional player starts at your beginnings since you have to build a solid fan base. To do this, you have several solutions that we quote to you in a dedicated article. One of the solutions is streaming on the Mirch platform. It saves you money and subscribers; what more ? However, it is quite difficult to stream at the beginning, that's why we give you some advice...

Improve your equipment

As in real life, a good stream requires good equipment. Therefore, you will have to spend money to improve microphone, camera or screen. This is extremely expensive, so sometimes you will have to make concessions, that is to say, miss some training to do household chores in order to receive some money from your mother.

In the photo taken by us, we can see that the microphone and the camera have been improved

To improve the equipment, it will therefore be necessary to buy a new one. For this, only one site sells computer components and it is Storm that you will find while browsing your computer. Storm offers all kinds of parts, ranging from the camera to the keyboard, to the table or the chair.

Tier 2 gear isn't too expensive, so it's worth buying it as soon as you can.

On Storm, the equipment is...expensive!



Lancer son stream


Here too, as in real life, launching a stream is something very simple. Just go to the Mirch app on your computer and select the game you want to stream. Remember to buy the game in advance...

On the application, you can see your different records, your followers etc...

Once launched, your stream will attract people. It is also recommended to launch a stream at prime time, forget the stealth streams at 04:00 in the morning! And to keep viewers watching you, a "mini-game" is set up, combining logic and speed.

Gain viewers and visibility

Whether it's for chores, lessons or training, the publisher U-Play Online has added mini-games and the stream is no exception to the rule. Here, you will have to manage blue, yellow and green gauges. For this you have four different emotions at the bottom of your screen. For example, some will increase the blue gauge, others the green and others both. The goal is to keep all three gauges in the bright part, as shown in the photo below.

We told you that the stream is very complicated at the beginning, you will know why. When you start, your material is not good and the luminous part is extremely small. This means that you will have a hard time keeping the three gauges in the right place and that you will have few viewers.

As your video material improves, this bright part will grow, as shown in the photo above. Finally, your audio equipment is also important since the more powerful it is, the more it will allow you to reset the gauges. In the beginning, you have only one button (on the right of the screen) and the better your microphone, the more buttons you will have. The interest of this gadget is to allow you to stay longer in the light part. Thus, if the proposed emotions do not suit you, you can click on each of them and click on the microphone button afterwards to reset. You will lose few viewers and above all, you will have new emotions!

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