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Our articles on eSports Life eSports Life: How to gain subscribers In your ascent to success, you will have to develop your image and therefore your number of subscribers. But how to increase this number as quickly as possible?

Being the best player in the world is good. Being popular while being the best is better. In eSports Life, you will have to work on your character's image in order to always have more fans. For this, you will have two means: the stream or photogram. And even if the rise of subscribers is quite fast, it is possible to accelerate this even more...

Note that you will not be able to increase your number of subscribers when you first start in the game. You will have to wait and play for several hours before being contacted by Sylvie Wellington, your future agent.


As its name suggests, this application is used to take... photos! But there is a strategy for your photos to reach a wider audience... For that, you will have to take many photos in each available place; often, it only takes 5. Every 5 photos, you will be able to see that you have no more likes or new subscribers. This will mean that your subscribers are used to this content and that you need to innovate. So go to the mall, to meeting places, change your clothes... In short, it is important to diversify your photographs.

This practice can be quite annoying, that's why it is not necessarily necessary to abuse it, but think about it when you go to a new place; your fans are fond of this kind of inside!

Stream in eSports Life

Once you are noticed by your talents, you will receive a computer at home which will allow you to train, but especially to stream! You can find our guide specifically designed for streaming in eSports Life here.

The stream is a good way to gain subscribers, but also money. However, you have to do it at the right time and not start a stream in the middle of the night. Prefer the day and especially the early evening to make your streams. You will reach a wider audience and therefore, potential subscribers.

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