Server status PES 2021, how to know the status of the servers

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Our articles on eFootball PES 2021 Server status PES 2021, how to know the status of the servers How to know the status of the servers on PES 2021? We explain here what to do in the event of a connection bug on the Konami football game.

Although publishers and developers often go to great lengths to provide players with an optimal online gaming experience, no one is immune to bugs or connection failure.

This kind of problem could happen to you on eFootball PES 2021, the new version of Konami's famous football license.

We therefore explain to you in this guide how to know the status of the servers, regardless of your platform, in order to know if the problem comes from a particular server or from a service.

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How to check PES 2021 server status?

It is possible to encounter different types of problems on PES 2021, it may be due to a maintenance or an unlisted concern but it can also be due to a platform in particular or to a service linked to these platforms. If an update is in progress, you will get notifications on the page linked below.

>>> Click on the link to know the server status of PES 2021 <<


You will then have to select your game platform (PC, PS4 or Xbox One) at the top right next to Europe/French to find out if the servers of the platform concerned are down.


The PES 2021 server status page


If there is no problem, the status will be marked as normal as Online but if there is a problem it will be marked Offline.


Status notifications


In the event of a different problem, it is always possible to contact Konami's support service directly and submit a request for assistance or even follow the official twitter account of eFootball PES to find out if a problem or maintenance is in progress. course on PES 2021.



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