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Our articles on Eco Eco: A Beginner's Guide Eco is a complex survival game in which you must save the Earth from destruction by a meteor. To help you get started with this ecological game, we reveal the basics to you in order to get started in the best possible way!

Game mixing ecology and survival, Echo offers many possibilities for its players to succeed in countering the meteor that will hit the Earth, and has a whole range of different resources and constructions!

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The start of a game

When you start Echo, you have a tutorial in the form of quests that accompanies you in your beginnings as a player: no need to worry about knowing what to do! Carry out the different steps proposed by the tutorial one by one to be able to have the first installations necessary for your development in the game.

You will thus be familiar with the different resources (wood, rock, iron...), the buildings possible (workbench, campfire, pottery kiln...) and the professions available in the game.

There are currently 9 professions available in Eco: Survivor, Carpenter, Cook, Engineer, Farmer, Hunter, Mason, Blacksmith and Tailor. Choose your profession carefully and consult with the other players to be able to establish the resources and priorities that you will set for yourself: there is no point in being 10 Survivors for 3 Cooks and 2 Blacksmiths, each must have his specialty.

There is still a little time before the end of the world (Image credit: SgtSoap77)

Regarding other players, don't worry, there is no PvP : the other players cannot kill you and on the contrary have every interest in your success (you have a channel to communicate)! As for the asteroid, you know exactly when it's going to crash into the planet so it won't be a blind race.

From the start of the game, define your plot of land, collect resources, place them in your area and start building safely! Only you can build on your land, be careful not to exceed your area. It is also possible to change the color of its territory on the world map

A beautiful pink color to indicate his house (Image credit: Eggi)

L'interface d'Eco

La food is an important point of Eco, since the more your level of nutrients is balanced (starches, proteins, fats and vitamins), the more you will generate skill points. It is necessary to monitor your state of hunger, since if it is too low, you will earn fewer skill points/day and you will be able to perform fewer actions (cut down a tree, break a rock, etc.) requiring calories. Namely that when a tool is broken, it does not break but you consume more calories to use it.

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1 → nutrients : reflects your current nutrient balance state (place your mouse over the graph for more information)

2 → Skill points : number of skill points available

3 → Housing : Indicates your housing bonuses and your skill point boost/day. Once you have a house, a graph similar to that of nutrients will appear here

Crédit image : Strange Loop Games


1 → Weight : indicates the weight limit you can carry

2 → Navigation bar : Shows your coordinates and the direction you are heading

3 → Graphics : opens an out-of-game navigation window that gives you detailed graphics about the planet

C →  Chat : opens the dialog window, which also includes information about the world and its ecosystem

B → Backpack : opens your inventory

The → Objectives : opens the objectives panel, showing the objectives to be achieved and the other activities of the citizens

AND → Economy : displays the economy of players around the world

L → Lois : opens an out-of-game navigation window detailing the current laws

M → World's map : opens a real-time world map, displaying land, resources, players and land plots

Objects & constructions


Some items are too heavy to carry in your backpack, so you'll have to use tools to carry them or use your hands to carry them. To create these means of transport you will have to build a workbench (workbench), which is one of the first builds you can do. If you get stuck in an object, you can break with your ax for the to pick up.

Carts and other means of transporting objects may contain several different resources (earth, rock...), you won't need to limit yourself to one and go back and forth! Creating roads will allow these vehicles to travel faster on the planet, but also to overcome obstacles such as embankments or rocks.

Image credit: Shane

Workbenches & research tables have a waiting line, which will allow you to start building or researching several things at the same time.

You can create or buy pages of books that will allow you to learn or develop new skills, depending on whether the player who created them wants to profit from them or give them to you. Eco has a market system and exchanges of resources active throughout the planet, it's up to you to choose what you want to sell or obtain!

Some lois may be established in order, for example, to impose a single currency in the world to facilitate transactions, or to affix a ban on the harvesting of resources in specific regions: this will be players to decide whether they vote for or against these laws.

Pollution is present (Image credit: Rahu)


The end of your planet can come in many different ways, and it's up to you to make sure it doesn't happen: so measure your every action and act with the help of the other players on your server to counter this asteroid !

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