Deathloop, how to modify a weapon?

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Our articles on Deathloop Deathloop, how to modify a weapon? In Deathloop it will be easy to get weapons and upgrade them to make them more effective. We tell you in this guide how to do it.

Dance Deathloop, the action and adventure game from Arkane Studios and Bethesda Softworks, which comes out this Tuesday, September 14, you will be able to obtain many weapons.

In order to be able to make them more effective, we tell you how to modify your weapons within the game.

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How to make your weapons more effective in Deathloop?

If you want to make your weapons more lethal within the title, you're going to have to modify your weapons. To do this, you will have to collect charms which will be recovered on the body of certain enemies or in specific places in the game. After collecting charms, you will need leave a district to add them to your inventory.

Once on the mission preparation screen, Click on the button " Equipment », then choose the weapon you are interested in and press the “+” button to be able to add a charm to it. Each charm will have a different effect and make your weapon more effective. Of course, we remind you that the charms will have a quality with an associated color.

  • gray, the most common and probably the easiest to get, but also the least effective
  • Blue, a little less common, but of better quality than the gray ones
  • Violette, the rarest, but which gives the most effective effects in the game

In total, you can collect up to 36 charms. Finally, we remind you that you will need infuse your modded weapons with Residium If you want save them in your inventory. If you don't, you will lose all your weapons on the next loop.

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