Biomutant Saboteur, recommended build and overview

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Our articles on Biomutant Biomutant Saboteur, recommended build and presentation Find in this guide the best build for the Saboteur class in Biomutant.

Biomutant is finally available since Tuesday, May 25 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Within this Action-RPG, you will be able to choose a class and a species for your character.

Among these classes are the The Saboteur who is a character who will be perfect if you are looking to do a lot of melee damage.

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What is the best build for Saboteur in Biomutant?

The Saboteur is a pure melee class who will do heavy damage and who can wield a weapon in each hand. Like all classes in the game, it will have a basic bonus called " Hyperg茅n茅tique and which allows your character take advantage of a 20% reduced energy cost when dodging, which will make you particularly mobile.

For the best build, look to quickly max out melee weapons to a hand that you like the most and respect the following basis:

  • SPECIES : Dumdon
  • Main statistics : Strength, Agility
  • biogenics : Toxic Bile, Drooling Bubble
  • Psi Powers : Telekinesis, Freeze

At track level for your character as you can see, you will go on a hybrid version since you will need some aura points in darkness and light since you will need to have 6 psi points and 10 aura of light for Gel and 10 psi points and 20 aura of darkness to unlock telekinesis. This build mainly relies on your mobility, but also on the possibility of reducing that of your enemies.

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