How to regain life on Boom Beach Frontlines in Battle?

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Nos articles sur Boom Beach Frontlines How to regain life on Boom Beach Frontlines in Battle? Staying alive is very important in Boom Beach Frontlines, to waste as little time as possible. But how do you regain life when you have lost it?

Boom Beach Frontlines is the new mobile game from Supercell, in which you have to do Battles to get rewards, upgrade cards, and progress in the game ranking. But to win these Battles, it is important to stay alive as much as possible, to help his team.

There are very few ways to regain life once you have lost some, it is therefore quite common to be eliminated! So far we know two ways to recover : Grace to the medics, the healers of the game, but also thanks to the Heal card, which is unlocked fairly quickly.

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How do I regain HP in Boom Beach Frontlines?

While playing Boom Beach Frontlines, you will have to be quite vigilant about your life bar. Indeed, it can quickly drop, and there are very few ways to regain life. For now, we just know that we can:

  • Get help from one of the medics, the in-game healers
  • Use the Heal card, which is obtained quite quickly

The medics are the 3rd playable character that you will unlock in Boom Beach Frontlines. While playing it, you won't be able to attack enemies. You can simply help your allies by restoring their HP ! In one game, you'll recognize them by the top of their hat, which is red with a white cross. Approach them so they can restore your life.

Medics in Boom Beach Frontlines

The Heal card, on the other hand, is used like the turrets to be placed. Once on the ground, you can stay for 15 seconds near the healer to recover life.

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