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Our articles about Diablo 3 Best Necromancer Pestilancer build With season 15 of Diablo 3, we recommend a Necromancer build for your solo vulnerabilities!

This build is mainly based on the use of the Lance Macabre during the windows of use of Flesh of my flesh, and the Realm of the dead, to make disappear large groups of monsters and elites.

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Death Spear
Rune: Glass bones
Rune : Die
Rune: Satiety
Rune: Respite
Flesh of my flesh
Rune: Reservoir
realm of the dead
Rune: Frigid lands
Be cursed! Temporal hemorrhage Glut self-sufficiency


Set pieces
The Pestilencer's Shroud The endless walk
Head Pestilentiel Masque Ring 1 The wind rose
Torso Pestilent Dress    
Gloves Pestilent Gloves Amulet The Traveler's Promise
boots Pestilential Battle Boots    
Shoulders Pestilent Defense    
legs Pestilent Incantation    
Hors set
Poor Croc corroded by Trag'Oul Ring 2 Conclave of the Elements
Phylact猫re Wasted time armbands Nemesis Bracers
Belt Dayntee Ligation    
Kanai's Cube Legendary Gems
Pronunciation of Krysbin Loss of the trap
Shoulders of cadaveric whispers Zei's Revenge Stone
Reilena's Shadow Fang Fiery Wildebeest Gizzard


The gameplay around the Lance Macabre spell, whether with the Trag'Oul or the Pestilence set, is quite similar. The idea is to run around the rift, looking for large groups and elites, while repeatedly using Decay on all enemies while keeping it active.

When the large group is well created, roughly press all your keys at the same time by bursting the key assigned to Devour and that assigned to the Macabre Spear. By the time your spells return, form a new group of enemies.

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