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Our articles about Diablo 3 Best Sorcerer Delsere build With season 15 of Diablo 3, we recommend a build on the Sorcerer for your solo flaws!

As a wizard carrying the Great Work of Delsere, you will have to weaken and slow down your enemies to then file them with thousands of spikes of ice via your Arcane Orb, changed with the Frozen Orb rune.

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where electric
Rune : Transparent Orb
a world of secrets
Rune: Orbe gel├ę
Slowing down time
Rune: Elastic Time
Black hole
Rune : Vol of luck
explosive discharge
Rune: Chain Reaction
Armor of Storms
Rune: Storm Powers
Unstable Anomaly Unwavering Will Elemental Sensitivity Hungry for power


Set pieces
Grand oeuvre de Delsere The endless walk
Head veiled mask Amulet The Traveler's Promise
Torso Harness of Truth Ring 1 The wind rose
Shoulders Magnificent Pauldrons of Despair    
Gloves Fierce Gauntlets    
legs Legguards of Mystery    
boots Destiny Striders    
Hors set
Poor Unstable Staff Ring 2 Conclave of the Elements
orbs triumvirate armbands Lakumba Ornament
Belt Bakuli Jungle Wraps    
Kanai's Cube Legendary Gems
Uniqueness Loss of the trap
Channeling Mantle Scourge of the Overwhelmed
Perch of bats Taeguk

Notes: You can swap the orb in the cube and the one in hand depending on the stats of the ones you collect.


Unlike the old gameplay of the Delsere set, which worked with much shorter ranges, the new way of playing around the frozen orb is very interesting. The principle is quite simple: always have your Storm Armor on you. Mine the battlefield with a slew of Slowdowns by trying to get inside of them. As soon as you have enemies within range of Explosive Discharge, don't hesitate to use it. Group enemies with your Black Hole and blast them with Arcane Orbs. Your Electric Wave will be used to bring the lightning spell into rotation to optimize your Elemental Sensitivity and resource generation spells.

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