Season 22 release time, when will Diablo 3 new season be released?

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Our articles on Diablo 3 Season 22 release time, when will Diablo 3 new season be released? When will Diablo 22 Season 3 be available? Blizzard has not yet communicated on the subject but the new season should follow the path of previous seasons.

What time will season 22 start? Diablo 3 ? A few weeks ago Blizzard announced that this new season will start on Friday, November 20, 2020 and also published the patch notes for this 2.6.10 update on its official website.

Although the American publisher has not yet officially communicated on the subject we can already estimate the release time of season 22 of Diablo 3.

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When will Diablo 22 season 3 be released?

Even though Blizzard does not always communicate the exact release time of updates for new seasons, it can be assumed that this season 22 will follow the same pattern as the previous ones and will be available around 17 p.m. (French time). As with the end of seasons, this time is the one generally chosen by Blizzard for the start of seasons and other updates.

Season 22 ÔÇô Shadows of the Nephalem begins November 20!

ÔÇö Diablo_FR (@Diablo_FR) November 6, 2020

We will obviously not fail to keep you informed if Blizzard communicates on this subject. Also note that patch 2.6.10 is available on the game since November 10. As a reminder, this new season will bring a new affix, "Shadows of the Past", new free sets with Haedrig's gift as well as the opportunity to earn new cosmetic rewards with the journey.

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