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Our articles about Diablo 3 Best Arachyr Witch Doctor build With season 15 of Diablo 3, we recommend a build on the Witch Doctor for your solo vulnerabilities!

This way of playing the Witch Doctor is based on applying all your curses on as many enemies as possible and then releasing your Bats on all these weakened monsters.

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Rune: Bat Cloud
Rune: Poisonous Spirit
Swarm of locusts
Rune: Cloud of insects
ghost walk
Rune: Guest of Honor
Evil spell
Rune: Bad luck
harvest of souls
Rune: Languor
tragic end spiritual channel Trust Ritual creeping death


Set pieces
Arachyr's Spirit The endless walk
Head Face of Arachyr Amulet The Traveler's Promise
Torso Arachyr's Shell Ring 1 The wind rose
Shoulders Coat of Arachyr    
Gloves Arachyr's Claws    
legs Arachyr's Legs    
boots Amble d'Arachyr    
Hors set
Poor sacred reaper Ring 2 Ring of emptiness
gray-gray vile hive armbands Lakumba Ornament
Belt Bakuli Jungle Wraps    
Kanai's Cube Legendary Gems
Uniqueness Loss of the trap
Channeling Mantle Scourge of the Overwhelmed
Perch of bats Taeguk


Playing Arachyr's set isn't the easiest in the game, especially because your mana depends a lot on the thoughtful use of your spells. The main source of mana generation will come from the dead, thanks to Tragic End and thanks to the Guest of Honor rune from your Ghost Walk. At the entrance to the rift, try to build up and maintain your Harvest of Souls at 10 stacks, while applying Haunting and Locust Swarm to enemies in your path. Advance through the Rift with your Ghost Walk; Avoid using your Ghost Walk while full while above 20% mana. Then go into close combat with monsters with your Hex active to kill them with Bats.

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