Diablo 24 Season 3 Best Builds, New Season Tier-List and Ranking

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Our articles on Diablo 3 Diablo 24 Season 3 best builds, tier-list and ranking of the new season With Diablo 24 Season 3 the best builds have changed. Find here the tier-list of builds for this new season.

With the deployment of patch 2.7.1 of Diablo 3 players were able to discover new balances and adjustments. The 24 season Diablo also brings its share of new features, whether with the seasonal affix or the free builds of Haedrig's gift.

Find below what are the best builds to play according to Rhykker for this season 24 of Diablo 3.

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What are the best Diablo 24 Season 3 builds?

Following the weeks of testing on the PTR, the most experienced players were able to test the new features and balances of patch 2.7.1 of Diablo 3, that of season 24. According to Rhykker these are the Monks, Wizards and Barbarians who will be the most successful in this new season. The Crusaders will be a little less effective for climbing high in the higher rift levels.

Note that this is best builds for solo push during this new season of Diablo 3.

Diablo 24 Season 3 Best Builds Explainer Video by Rhykker

Find below the best builds by class, as well as our guides*, for season 24 of Diablo 3.

Barbarous Barbare Trumpets Whirlrend
Cross Heaven's Fury Crusader
demon hunter Demon Hunter GoD Hungering Arrow
Moine LoD Monk Wave of Light
Necromancer N├ęcromancien LoD Explosion
witch doctor Witch Doctor Zunimassa Poison Dart
Wizard Sorcerer Firebird Mirror Image

*Class build guides will be updated soon

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