Roblox: How to delete your account?

It is not necessarily easy to delete your Roblox account. If you wish to do so, we explain the procedure to follow, which will require you to perform several actions. To thank you for your loyalty, we offer you to win 800 Robux (10 euros) on the Discord server of our partner Roblox France. Whatever the reason, many gamers at one time or another want delete their Roblox account. Whether it is to terminate a secondary account or simply stop with the gaming platform, it is not necessarily practical to Permanently delete Roblox account, that's why we explain all the steps to follow.

How to permanently delete your Roblox account?

Unlike some games, offering a small "Delete Account" button, Roblox Corporation has implemented a whole procedure, probably to discourage some not to delete their account, in order to have better statistics to put forward.

In any case, some want, whatever happens, delete their Roblox account. If this is the case, know that you will have to send a message to the assistance. In this one, you will simply have to indicate that you wish delete your account, although no specific section is available. We advise you to choose the "Technical assistance" or "Billing and payment" sections, which seem more appropriate to the situation.

Then explain, in a few lines, that you simply want delete your Roblox account. A response will normally be sent to you by email within a few days, asking you to take one or two additional steps to verify that you are the account holder. Then, once the procedure is complete, your account will indeed be deleted, and this, in a permanent way. So be sure of your decision. If you want to delete your account because you no longer like your nickname, you can change your nickname.

Roblox: How to delete your account?
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