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Apex Legends is a strategy game based on the entertaining Battle Royale game mode, in which your ability to search and manage resources will define whether you win or lose. It is a game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by EA. As you will see, in XNUMX there was something of a gaming boom, in which people became tired, so to speak, of the usual multiplayer style. 

Previously, the gaming scene was made up, in terms of shooters, of first-person games in which you appeared, you deleted people, they deleted you and you resurfaced. 

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Who is Apex Legends

Who is Apex Legends?

This changed with the arrival of PUBG, which was based on a manga called Battle Royale, in which a number of people were thrown on an island with resources and weapons, in order to suppress each other. This seemed innovative to people, since now you do not depend on your monetary capacity, nor on your skill with the mouse to win, but everything is due to your intelligence. 

Then Fortnite came out, under exactly the same Battle Royale mode, with a peculiarity, and that is that you are not only on a desert island, but now you can even build. Around this, a kind of community was formed that took the mechanics of the game to the maximum, building buildings in less than three seconds. In view of this, EA decided to get started with the development of Apex Legends, a game that, inspired by the mechanics of heroes, characters, legends, winners, etc... would have its own, with unique and irreplicable abilities. 

And so one of the biggest games of the genre today was formed, which in all honesty has been paralyzed for some time, but the developers are looking for a way to revive it and attract more people to join the entertainment of playing as a team.

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