Who created Toca Life World and when?

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If you've seen the great kid-friendly quirks of the Toca Life: World game or have only been around for a short time, it's good to know who created it and how long it's been around the web. Knowing each and every detail helps you familiarize yourself with the environment, the elements and peculiarities that are included in the gameplay.

Find out about who created Toca life world and when He did it so that you know more about this entertaining.

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Who Created Toca Life World and When

Who created Toca Life: World and when?

It is a game developed by Toca Boca and was released in the month of November of the year two thousand and eighteen. Since then, it has connected the independent applications of the series that exist in the same internally related cosmos. In the case of Toca Life, It is downloaded for free and the participants interact without paying.

Within the quotas Toca Life series include the following:

  • Toca Life: vacation.
  • Toca Life: school.
  • Toca Life: town.
  • Toca Life: city.
  • Toca Life: boo.
  • Toca Life: pets.
  • Toca Life: After School.
  • Toca Life: stable.
  • Toca Life: office.
  • Toca Life: farm.
  • Toca Life: health center.

Characteristics of the game and the series

The series of games encourage you to imagine stories in your psyche and recreate them with the characters that are on the virtual planet. You can drag the protagonists using your finger and sliding it across the screen so that they sit, eat or do another activity that you want.

In addition, there are multiple places you can attend depending on the theme of the game, similar as:

  • Office.
  • Farm.
  • City.
  • School.

There are also multiple free sets, such as:

  • creatures.
  • Babies.
  • Elderly.
  • Kids.

You decide which characters to add to the scenes and even if you play Toca Life: City, you have the option to dress them according to your style. There is no doubt that you are going to be very entertained thanks to each and every one of the elements that have been included. As if that wasn't enough, are free on the Google Play and App Store platforms so you can download them now.

Is it easy to play Toca Life: World?

Of course yes. Being appropriate for children, it is a simple application to use and you will quickly learn to simulate stories. The best thing is that practically everything is valid and possible on your virtual planet.

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