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Apex Legends is a first-person battle royale shooter characterized by fast-paced gameplay that lets players progress their skills, forcing them to always become better players at all times. If you don't know who created Apex LegendsHere we are going to show you the creation process.

It all started with the creation of the first ever Battle Royale, PUBG: BattleGrounds. In a market collapsed by CoD-type shooters, in which the multiplayer was something completely simple, PUBG comes to change the paradigm. 

And it is that before this game, all were based on the same. In contrast to GTA, whose multiplayer was rather open planet, but did not give anything new.

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Who created Apex Legends

Who created Apex Legends

Then Fortnite develops, which was a complete success. This is when EA sees an opportunity to develop its Battle Royale type game, adding certain things to it. It is here that the company's creative team discusses what is new that they will add in this game mode. Based on how attractive and successful LoL is, with its legend mechanics and unique abilities for each character, EA decides to incorporate it into their game. 

And boy did this make a difference. In the first week alone, the game already had fifty million people registered and active. The servers were practically completely overwhelmed, and you had to queue to play. Quite simply, it's not one person who created Apex Legends, but rather a creative team that came up with a fresh idea, covered by Respawn Entertainment, and published by EA. 

There is no genre of name here, and the success of the game is attributed to a company that is committed to entertainment, fun, time with friends playing games for video consoles, and finally, people who love Battle Royale. 

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