Where to Locate the Best Weapons in PubG Mobile

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The selection of weapons in PUBG Mobile it is quite extensive. However, we believe that there are certain weapons that are not worth collecting. Among these are any and all shotguns and certain pistols. In this article we are going to show you where to locate the best weapons in PUBG Mobile. 

PUBG Mobile's weapon spawn algorithm decides which weapons to put into matches based on the most visited locations on the entire map. In this sense, cities and buildings are key areas when it comes to locating weapons in PUBG Mobile

In relation to this, the key is not to go to a segregated situation where we think there are weapons, but rather to go to the areas where there are more weapons. The spawn of these is absolutely random, but has certain points of focus throughout the map. 

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Where to Find the Best Weapons in PubG Mobile

Where to Find the Best Weapons in PubG Mobile

If you want to know where to find the best weapons in PUBG Mobile, you should focus on searching the parts of the map where the loot reward is high. As we mentioned before, these are dangerous parts and we are going to show them to you now. We are also going to review the ones you should visit and that practically nobody is looking for.

You already know the first location. It's about Pochinky. This part of the game is characterized by being one of the most recurrent fire points in PUBG Mobile. Thus, the more danger, the greater the reward. 

Another area high in weapons is School, but the same thing happens with Pochinki: it is overcrowded. 

This is why we invite you to always and in all circumstances flee to safe and loot-rich areas. Among these are the military abse of Sosnovka, Primorski, Novorepnoya, Mylta Power, Georgopol and Yasnaya Polyana. It is possible to find other players here, so make sure you get a weapon as soon as you can.

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