Where to Locate the Airplane in PubG Mobile

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Having a plane in PUBG Mobile is a very interesting advantage. It lets you fly to exorbitant heights and avoid combat with opponents. In addition to this, you will be able to reach the lumps before absolutely anyone else. In this article we are going to show you where to locate the plane in PUBG Mobile, such as its possible locations, how to use it and certain strategies that you can apply. 

It is true that throughout the Erangel map there are not many locations where it is one hundred percent safe to find it. This means that to have a plane in PUBG MobileYou'll have to search pretty hard. However, in certain areas it can be achieved every time you go, unless someone has already taken it. 

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Where to Find the Plane in PubG Mobile

Where to Locate the Airplane in PubG Mobile

One of these locations is Quarry. If you access the map of the island, you can see that, from this area, going to the right there is a blind street. If you walk around there you will locate one of the PUBG Mobile planes. Another location where the hang glider is hidden is the military base under the map. To go here, you will have to look for B, which has a street above it. So, you're going to move to the top of it, and you'll find the flying vehicle. 

In these locations they always and in all circumstances appear. However, if you go to the shooting range and move down the street, just in the area above the R, you will see that a buggy can sometimes appear, instead of a plane. 

Now that you know where to locate the plane in PUBG Mobile, using it will be quite easy. You simply have to press the button on the screen and wait for the ascend button to start flashing. So, you will be able to sustain yourself flying for a while. You can also turn to change course with the directional buttons on the screen. Always remember to fly as high as you can, so that the rest of the players don't place you and they can start shooting at you.

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