Where to Buy Clash of Clans Accounts

When the whole planet speaks wonders about the Clash of Clans game, you will surely be encouraged to try it. But if then you discover that it is a game where you need to be very aware of your village and achieve small objectives to advance, you may start wondering where to acquire accounts of Clash Of Clans to avoid the first levels and get to the most entertaining part.

Although the game is developed so that point by point you improve your attack and defense strategy in each and every level, there are many restless players who want to quickly achieve the best troops and buildings and obviously, there are other players who have surely already built everything this and want to get something out of it.

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Where to Buy Clash of Clans Accounts

Where to Buy Clash of Clans Accounts

If you are one of those who is interested in acquiring accounts, you should consider these recommendations first:

  • Carry out an investigation of the different platforms that seem safe to you to locate the account that is attractive to you and that is at a cost that you can pay, 
  • Analyze what costs they offer you according to the level to avoid paying more.
  • Be suspicious of users who do not give you enough evidence of what you want to acquire, ask for screenshots and tests to be sure before buying.

These are certain platforms that you can use to acquire accounts:

  • eBay: the most used by players because it is safe for both parties, it is private and external to the game. You will have the confidence to reach many people because it is an app used throughout the world.
  • Free market: no matter where you are, this app has extensive coverage and security for both the buyer and the seller, since it has its own payment platform and multiple claim options in case you are dissatisfied.
  • Private Facebook groups: it is the simplest thing to reach the people truly interested in the game and the sellers, but it will not offer you so many guarantees like the rest of the platforms in case it is a scam.

Finally, you must take into consideration that you must avoid any discussion forum, chat, social networks that are official Supercell accounts and its games, since the administrators are continuously observing users who sell and acquire accounts, understanding that this is a prohibited practice and if they warn you, they will be able to delete your account in the game without the possibility of recovering it.

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