Where is the White Raven in Apex Legends

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Apex Legends has recently created an event whose protagonist is absolutely no one else and absolutely no one less than the tracker Bloodhound. In the article we are going to show you where the white raven is located in Apex Legends, so that you can finish the event and be a great player. This is the Customs and Dawns event, which is an integral part of the Apex Chronicles. In this event you will enjoy an exciting journey in which the game will gradually become more interesting.

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Where is the White Raven in Apex Legends

Where is the White Raven in Apex Legends

  • First you have to know that the challenge cannot be completed playing ranked. You will need to select Bloodhound as a legendary story and queue to play an unranked match. If it sounds lazy to you, remember that here you can also explore new tricks. 
  • For the challenges to be activated, you must first locate a white crow, which until now we do not know where it is, but we will confirm its location now.
  • The locations tend to change, but picking up one is enough to start the challenges. For this reason, we will make an effort to tell you in detail how to achieve the simplest of them. 
  • Something incredible is that they have added a bit of lore to the game, creating a story for a widely used character such as Bloodhound. To find the white crow, you must follow the steps that we are going to show now.
  • First, you need to go to Lava Siphon. It is located between a yellow machine and a building. All you have to do now is follow the tracks to what has been the old train base. 

Then you well know where the white raven is. Now you just have to continue with the event until you achieve them all. This is going to give a bit of depth to the legendary story, and certain players already assure that they have become fond of it again (we affirm this because according to EA, it does not have a defined gender, and surely neither we can know what it is).

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