Where is the Vending Machine in PubG Mobile?

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Some updates from PUBG Mobile they stink However, you have to accept that sometimes these are quite useful. An example of this is the vending machine, which allows you to acquire the object you want, in exchange for a token that is quite simple to achieve. It must be accepted that this type of machine is found in most of the game's maps. However, in the article we are going to talk about its location in Erangel. Stay to read where the vending machines are located in PUBG Mobile

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Where is the Vending Machine in PubG Mobile

Where is the Vending Machine in PubG Mobile

As its name suggests, it is a system of vending machines in which you enter some money in exchange for a reward that you can choose. Not each and every item is free, but the ones that are are quite useful. A single person can collect about fifty tokens per game, and with just over seventy units you can acquire an AWM with x8 scope. So they can be useful if you want to equip yourself well for battle. 

They can also be used to complement the weapons. Since the most notable and scarce items are found, you can acquire a silencer for one or two tokens, thus completing your weaponry and making you unbeatable. 

If you're wondering where the vending machine is, first know that the game makes it pretty simple. PUBG Mobile indicates on the map with a shopping cart the precise location of each of them.

In addition, the moment you are within fifty meters of each of them, they show you a visual reference that you can use to find yourself. 

The only bad thing is that each and every one is in the red zones of the game. One in Pochinki, another in Yasnaya Polyana and so on. Surprisingly, none are found in School, which today is the worst drop zone. Finally, if you feel that your weapons are finally missing tokens, remember that bots and players are one of the places you should look. 

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