Where is the Premium Box in PubG Mobile

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If you are a box lover PUBG Mobile and you have spent time collecting coupons to achieve certain, you may be interested to know where the premium box is located in PUBG Mobile. Stay and read this article, where we are going to explain what happened to these boxes and what you should do if you don't get it. The specialty of the premium boxes is that you get a legendary item for each one you make in a row. In addition to this, by being able to get coupons to exchange for boxes, you can get this for free. You just have to wait until you have a hundred coupon pieces and transform them. 

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Where is the Premium Box in PubG Mobile

Where to find premium crate in PubG Mobile

However, if you had gone to the store in the month of August XNUMX, you would have seen this one has disappeared. And it is that the development company did not find it profitable to invest in creating a box that gives something that has to be paid for, free. People stop acquiring UC and the game becomes unsustainable. 

Now you're going to wonder what happened to the coupons and coupon pieces? Since the truth is that even without finding the free premium box, coupons have a utility. From your inventory, you can trade them for parts to unlock the rest of the crates in the game. This will sound like a scam as the premium box is the best you can get for free. 

However, now for every piece or coupon you have for premium boxes, you can have two units of the traditional box. This means more stuff and more ways to achieve better quirks in PUBG Mobile. Finally, the premium box was restored to its original place thanks to the pressure exerted by the community. Sometimes the updates PUBG Mobile They tend to be a bit unfair, but the developers care about keeping players happy.  

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